Is This a Lousy Job or is it Me?

Book Cover: Is This a Lousy Job or is it Me?

Have you ever felt deflated at work? Whether you are just starting your career or have finally gained enough experience to advance to your “dream” job, you may find yourself disillusioned by difficult bosses or coworkers, drained by unreasonable demands, or disappointed with the lack of growth opportunities. Given these lousy elements of your job, how can you achieve fulfillment from your work?

In IS THIS A LOUSY JOB OR IS IT ME?, executive coach Terri Jacke explores how every success and every struggle at work can be used to develop your character, which determines the way you handle each experience. It is your character that shapes your behavior in the workplace and informs the quality of decisions you make at work and about your career. By using stories—sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking—Terri invites you to join her on a journey that chronicles her growth through the seven stages of character development at work: Beginning, Yuckiness, Fear, Authenticity, Boundaries, Love, and Exit.

Terri holds nothing back in taking you into the heart of her experiences from her first job at a campground at age 12 to succeeding at iconic corporations and finally fulfilling her dream to establish her own firm. Combining real-life experience and organizational development expertise, IS THIS A LOUSY JOB OR IS IT ME? provides practical tools and hard-won wisdom to help you develop your character at work.

The insights you gain into the seven stages of character development, captured in the BY FABLE model, will empower you to make sense of your workplace experiences and effectively move yourself through the stages in their natural sequence, allowing you to create a fulfilling career path leading to your inevitable success.