I nearly always write—just as I nearly always breathe.
– John Steinbeck

Welcome to my website! In the last few years I’ve had many exciting developments in my writing life to share with readers and clients.

In addition to working with my clients to help them make their writing dreams come true, I have several award-winning novels to offer, plus current non-fiction titles and three e-books on the craft of writing, coauthored with my colleague and friend, Lynda McDaniel.

Take a look around. Whether you’re searching for emotionally compelling women’s fiction, heartwarming romances, or resources to improve your writing, I know you’ll find something that captures your interest.


Can the love of family…

Transform their future?

Willow Lancaster, head of PR at the Tall Tale Lodge & Spa, is determined to make extra-special lemonade out of lemons after Adelaide Creek’s town hall is damaged in a fire. With a determined streak a mile wide, this single mom needs recruits to help her rebuild. When Dr. Tom Azar steps forward, a spark of a different sort catches fire! Experience has taught Willow to be wary of men like Tom, who doesn’t believe love and family are possible for him. Falling in love wasn’t an item on Willow’s or Tom’s agenda, but hearts and minds could change…maybe even by Thanksgiving?

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