Book Proposals Made Easy

Book Proposals Made Easy is just what you need to get your book published. As two Amazon Bestselling authors and award-winning writers of more than 130 books between us, we know how to develop a nonfiction book proposal—and we show you how with a clear, step-by-step approach.

Sell your ideas!

As the subtitle states, you’ll discover how to sell your nonfiction book ideas and receive valuable tips for choosing the best publishing option for you. You'll learn:

•Why you need a proposal, even if you’re planning to self-publish
•How a book proposal helps you write a more powerful book
•Facts about the pros & cons of self-publishing and conventional publishing
•What a book proposal package includes

We wrote Book Proposals Made Easy to help you evaluate today’s publishing options, and we’ve included tips for approaching publishing houses and literary agents—critical information if you choose the path of conventional publishing.

As The Book Catalysts, we know your priority is writing the first draft of your book, which is why producing a book proposal is a powerful tool to keep your writing on track, regardless of your publishing method.

Book Proposals Made Easy will help you:

1. Identify your readers—your primary and secondary markets—and write to them
2. Create a book promotion plan as you write your book
3. Organize your information and research
4. Create a working chapter outline
5. Note places you can plunge in to start writing your fast first draft

Get started on your book proposal today! And remember: A book proposal isn’t just another task on your to-do list. It’s the tool that will make writing—and promoting—your book easier.

Scroll up, buy now, and get ready to write a book proposal that gets your book written—and published.