vmseatedgreen.jpgWelcome to my website!  I've had so many exciting developments in my writing life...

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my new novel Greta's Grace, which explores the complex relationship between mothers and daughters.

Greta's Grace CoverWhen professional speaker, Lindsey Foster, faces with the possibility of losing her only child, Greta, she’s desperate to be closer to her and moves to Simon’s Point, a small town in Wisconsin’s picturesque Door County peninsula, where Greta has lived since marrying Jake Iverson. Although Lindsey finds her greatest joy from inspiring her audiences with the healing power of women’s stories, her heart aches over her inability to heal her emotionally distant relationship with her daughter.

Divorced from Greta’s blustery dad, Brian, Lindsey is drawn to him now as they share their fears about Greta. But Sam, quiet and reflective—and Greta’s father-in-law—becomes refuge in this time of crisis. 

Willing to do anything to make her daughter happy, Lindsey makes questionable decisions and keeps secrets from Greta, causing more heartbreak. Feeling exiled once again, Lindsey faces choices that will define her future—and ultimately, her relationship with her daughter.

I've had wonderful response to The Chapels on the Hill, a story of loss and the healing power of love, set in Chapels Coveramazon.gifNortheast Wisconsin.     

Sonia and Aaron didn’t marry for love, but love found them and took them by surprise.

When tragedy struck, Sonia and Aaron’s reason to be together seemed to slip away, along with the love they once shared. Both believe they’ll find closure at an event dedicating a music pavilion to their son, allowing them to say a final goodbye and freeing them to commit to new relationships. But instead of finding peace, memories of the life they shared with their son, Matt, stir up unexpected feelings, prompting them to relive both sweet and painful times of their shared memories of the life they shared… For Sonia and Aaron, only a trip through the past will allow them to redeem the future—perhaps even find a shared future again. (Available in digital and prints formats.)

This is what some readers said about The Chapels on the Hill.

…For me, it's the depth McCullough reaches with her characters. They become alive, and I end up genuinely caring what happens to them. I think about them during the day, while I'm making dinner or doing yoga or whatever, and worry about the situations they've found themselves in. (Light)

... there is romance, but I was interested in the family dynamic and thought about my own son as I read about the loss of theirs. There is a little bit of mystery, too. (Marlene D)

… another page turner by a really good story teller.  (M. Carlson)

island healing

Island Healing, Book 1 of my St. Anne’s Island series, is set on a fictional island off the Georgia coast.

Luke is a man amazon.gifwith a sailboat and a dream that defines and drives him, and Geneva, a woman who has returned home to her beloved island determined to heal and find new meaning in her life—and that means helping her troubled family.

Add Geneva’s two teenage nieces and Luke’s son to the mix and neither family will ever be the same. It takes 13-year-old Lila to lead the way and get to the heart of hope and healing.  (Available in digital and prints formats.)       

I’ve been so pleased by the response to this book…

…People who like the warm, family books by other Southern writers like Anne Rivers Siddons and Dorothea Benton Frank will like this book. (Savvy Traveler)

...perfect balance of family drama and humor…This is a great book to bring on vacation and share with friends. (mjlewis1)

…The awards Virginia's books have won from Romance Writers of America [chapters] were not misplaced. Grab this book and curl up on the sofa on a wintry evening or a holiday in the Caribbean. It will not disappoint and you will be counting the days the next in this series to be released. (Peggy Tabor Millin)
Look for Book 2 of the St. Anne’s Island series, Island Secrets, in 2014.

"Vivid, captivating, heartwarming…one of the most memorable cast of characters I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series."
 - Donna Marie Rogers, U.S.A. Today bestselling author

Coming soonAmber Light

This story, a heroine’s journey, brought me back to another of my favorite places, the South Carolina coast and its stunning islands, specifically, the fictional Hansen’s Island and the beautiful city of Beaufort. Sarah Whitmore’s story explores the way a single act of violence can irrevocably alter a person’s life. For as long as this book stays in print, a portion of the proceeds will go to one or more of the many organizations dedicated to preventing sexual violence and supporting the healing of those who suffer in their aftermath of these crimes.