Coaching & Consulting

Let Virginia be your book publishing consultant and partner as you make your writing dreams come true. After decades of working with aspiring and seasoned authors of both nonfiction and fiction, she offers a variety of services to help you write, polish, and publish books. Call on Virginia for:

  • Developmental edits and comprehensive revision of your existing manuscripts—let Virginia give your books the boost they need to go from okay or good to excellent and outstanding
  • Detailed manuscript critiques to help you revise and reshape your book—and take advantage of Virginia’s coaching skills to sharpen your writing skills in the process
  • Individual hands-on coaching designed to improve your craft and give you the confidence you need to write the books of your dreams and determine the best publishing method
  • One-on-one consultations to help you write professional book proposals, query letters, and synopses that sell
  • Advice about setting up your own writing business by using the expertise, skills, and experience you already have

“I recently sold a $100,000 project, and I believe that having my book was a significant factor in making
that sale.” —Management Consultant, Atlanta, Ga.

“Virginia … weaves her tremendous writing skill with a great deal of understanding and patience. I’ll not write another book without her.” —Dr. Kay Potetz, Take it Back! Your Power, That is